Preparing and Maintaining your Spray Tan

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  • You need to shower, shave and exfoliate at least 2 hours prior to arriving for your spray appointment. 
  • Wash your body with a "spray safe soap" - these soaps are Ivory, Irish Spring, Dial or Zest bar soaps.
    • It is very important you use one of these simple bars of soap because if you do not, your results will be damaged. Soaps with lotions, mineral oil, or moisturizer in them will create a barrier on your skin and prevent the spray tan from properly sticking. 
  • Make sure you arrive to your appointment with bare/natural skin.
    • You do not want make up, lotion, deodorant or any barriers on your skin!
  • Bring loose fitted clothing with you to your appointment! Any rubbing on the skin can cause imperfections in your spray tan 
  • Please remove all and any jewelery and leave it at home!




  •  Wait to shower for at least 12 hours, your tan will develop up to 24 hours.
    • Showering before 12 hours can cause your spray to  not take or fade very fast.
  • Your first shower is a rinse. Wait till the water runs clear without using any soaps and jump out to air dry.
    • You do not want to cause any mess-ups in this processes so it is very crucial you just rinse without shampooing, conditioning or washing. 
  • You can shower using soaps, shampoo and condition after that rinse.
    • Wait at least 6 hours before this shower. Please note that the more you shower, shampoo and condition- the faster you will fade. 
  • Stay away from Dove and other soaps with a lot of oils. Ivory, Irish Spring, Dial and Zest are safe soaps.
  • Refrain from any exfoliants, loofahs, facecloths or anything abrasive to the skin
    • If you use one, you will remove the spray tan.
  • Make sure you moisturize as needed.



  We always recommend making an appointment for our Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Booth. Airbrush is by appointment only. Please be sure to make any manicure or pedicure appointments a day prior to your spray tan as well as any hair appointments that will require your hair to be washed or eye brow appointments. Any of these services can cause the skin to be exfoliated and damage your results. If you have any further questions-please feel free to call!


Enjoy your sun-kissed glow!!